Web Based Automatic Article Submission Tool – Review

By now you would have probably realised that increasing your ranking in google isn’t so easy- and it isn’t. I struggled with it for almost a year to no avail. So you have decided to get serious about getting unique visitors to your site and exposure for your product. Perhaps you have already investigated “Article marketing” as a strategy to increase your inbound links and consequently your google ranking to get more click throughs.

Unfortunately, for the end user there are just too many options out there for article marketing; there are too many article directories. How do you choose between two of them let alone 20,000 of them? So what do you do? The logical next step is to figure out a way to submit to many of them without having to submit to each one individually. Which brings me to Automatic Article submission tools.

Sadly, again the end user is flooded with too many options. I have tried many of these options and often it can still be costly and time consuming. It will require you to download software to your computer from an uncertain, un-secured location after entering your credit card details. Then the process of setting it up and learning how to use all the complicated functions. To be honest, I tried a few which will remain un-named and they were hopeless with hours and hours of my time gone. So what can we do? Well it dawned on me that a web based automatic article submission tool would be the easiest solution. I looked around, tried out a few free ones and a couple of paid ones only to find they had shut down or lead to a 404 page not found.

Finally, I came across articlemarketingautomation.com. They offer a different service to what is commonly out there. At first I thought they automated submissions to a large number of article directories, but they don’t at all. They have another philosophy; you write an article and they publish it through a network of sites under that same content category. Essentially, this means other sites, maybe even your competitors, will be linking back to your site, providing unique visitors and also increases your rank because the links are from relevant sources.

You can use standard HTML tags in all your articles and perhaps the best part is you can rewrite your article to produce more unique content with the touch of a button. This is called spinning. It is a premium service and      I recommend signing up for a free account and giving it ago. However, after your free perks run out after two weeks you will need to decide to continue or leave, because this premium service comes at a premium price, $67 a month. I know it is expensive, but if you are serious about generating highly unique traffic and aim to sell products in the masses consistently, then it is one investment worthwhile.

It is a useful tool for those looking for a useful solution. It isn’t a push button all in one, get 1000 visitors over night tool (which is unrealistic), but it builds a good foundation for your website to begin developing back links. Highly recommended for businesses and companies.