Article Marketing Automation – Full Review

Why read this? Because it is fresh information about SEO and increasing your Google page rank, updated on independence day, (July 4th, 2011).

What is article marketing? Article marketing is the process of promoting your site, product or service by writing a unique article which gives the reader useful, informative information on the topic, including a link to your site. Once written, you submit to external article marketing websites (publishers) and start generating back links to your site. If those back links are from high ranking sites, then your web site ranking can increase

What is article marketing automation?  There are literally thousands of article publishers out there.  Article automation takes out the hours behind submitting to multiple publishers and helps you increase your ranking in a quick effective manner; however, be wary of software from third party sources.

This is a review on the web based automatic article submission tool called which I use to help make my blog more accessible by readers who need the information I offer. Perhaps the most important thing you need to ask yourself about deciding which article submitter to use is whether or not it abides by Google’s terms of service. Because if a tool you purchase doesn’t abide by them, potentially all links associated to it can be black listed, including your site and that’s the last thing you want. I will explain all aspects of this tool and how it has been developed with these terms in mind in this review.

I will also talk about the history and what Article Marketing Automation is, who created as a product, and why should it be considered exempt from comparing it to other automatic article submitting tools, and even considered as complementary to other tools.  I gave a brief review on Article Marketing Automation as a web based automatic article submission tool last week; however, this review will give you comprehensive detail so you can take it on board in making your decision.

For those who don’t want to read the entire post, here is a brief summary has the following positive attributes

  1. Submits your articles to over 1000 sites within the scope of your target market (niche)
  2. Offers its services in accordance to Google’s terms of service
  3. Allows you to access unique content for your blog posts, saving you time on writing
  4. Gives you the ability to completely re-write your articles automatically, a very powerful tool designed with great attention to detail has the following negative attributes

  1. Other website owners do have the ability to take the content to of your article and modify the links for their own purpose (read more to find out why)
  2. You still have to write articles to promote yourself; however, A LOT of time is reduced with the re-write tool

Price: is a premium webmaster product, going for $67 p/month. Sitting at $804 U.S. a year. Still cheaper than other premium article services (discussed below)
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End of summary.

What is it?
Article marketing automation is an online service which guarantees distribution of your articles to a very large network of users, potentially in excess of over 1000 sites in your targeted niche, with the primary goal to increase your page rank.  They offer three primary services:

  1. Submit articles to potentially over 1,000 partner sites within your targeted niche
  2. Get unique content from sites in the same niche
  3. Spin and re-write your article many times, increasing the amount of unique content you publish

How does it work?
Once you write an article and fill in the necessary fields, you simply publish it to their network. What I mean by “Their Network” is: instead of sending your article to a large amount of article publishers, it is distributed amongst the VERY long list of partners who already use the product and other products similar.  The advantage of this process is that you can post directly to a related niche and it will be served upon the approval of the partner site to their blogs or websites. Below is an illustration of how article marketing automation works.

AMA submission process

article marketing automation submission process

Why is this good? If you write a unique article and submit it to their targeted network, you will have created unique content for someone else’s site which links back to your site.  So effectively, you get a linking structure developed over time all by your competitors. What is the purpose of this? Googles page rank algorithm is weighted heavily by incoming links and relevance. If your article is a unique representation of the page it comes from (i.e., your landing page) then you get the credit- even more so if the competitors page is already well established. Below is the mind map of how the linking structure will work based upon a simple keyword search in Google.

article marketing linking process

article marketing linking process

Who Created it?

Ok, time to look into the credibility of this system. Who created it? Marc Lindsay and Daniel turner are the creators of Article marketing automation. Marc was a member of the Royal Australian Navy and is now has a strong presence in targeting niches and SEO. Daniel Turner has been in offline businesses for a while, dabbling in buying and selling businesses and now online marketing.  Anyway, the two of them put their heads together to create this community-driven product. They have created this product more as a distribution service.  You can sign up to receive content from their network, where you are the quality control manager, and are able to choose the content easily. You can also submit your own unique content.

Why is it different?

There aren ‘t many products out there that offer this amount of unique content. I guess if you want to target a niche quickly and deploy a site in that niche, can give you direct access to specific content. Below is a screen shot of my account. I have listed two sites which get some of their content from On a weekly bases, there are generally another 15-20 new articles waiting for me- currently over 150 unique article to choose from. At the click of a button, it will get sent automatically to your site for publishing. It works with almost all backends like, Drupal, Joomla etc.

article marketing automation automatic content

Automatic content

Your Articles:

The articles you write can have up to three in-body links tied to your targeted keywords (called anchor text) along with links to any Youtube videos you might have. You can literally link to anything; you can link straight back to your landing page or straight to an affiliate link.
In terms of uniqness, if you become a member of their network and wish to get targeted content from other partners, each article has been ‘spun’, providing you with clean unique targeted content which gives you the big Google stamp of approval. Article marketing automation uses two types of ‘spinning’ techniques, one called sentence re-writes and phrase re-writes. Using both these methods, you can get up to 100% spinning capabilities.

Google’s terms of service:

Last thing you want is Google to class your website as breaching the terms of service. In terms of article publishing sites, it is VERY difficult to determine the legitimacy of each publisher let alone any software you may be required to download to automatically submit to them. Google frowns upon those who use the automatic article submitters that you download as they use a robot to fill out all the forms on each of the publisher sites. It also requires access to your e-mail login details so it can respond to all the e-mails from the article publishers.  On top of this, you expose yourself to significant risk by downloading third party software to your own PC, which then has complete access to anything personal you might contain in your e-mail account or PC. In my opinion, this risks are too high for automatic article submitters who have propriety software you need to download. Google also frowns upon duplicate content polluting the internet, so if you still went down this path, a re-writing tool is a MUST!. is completely compliant with Google’s terms of service. They offer completely unique content for your post, a very well established article re-writing (spinning) service and of course it is all completely online; nothing what so ever is stored on your computer except your own database of articles you write. There are no risk of malicious attacks from third party executable files and the system doesn’t spam publishers, automatically filling out forms or accessing your e-mail. The partner sites choose to publish at their own will and the best part is, once you submit an article, keeps submitting your article to its network for as long as it is live. So you can rest easy as your site generates backlinks. In many cases, this tool is complementary to any article publishing tools as it submits to a completely different network then every other article publisher.


The one tiny loop hole in this system- which is EXTREMELY frowned upon by webmasters, Google and the creators Marc and Daniel- is that unique content can be modified, including your links by the network partner. There is a support network to report this and you can also monitor your back links through the members portal and from your own site if you have enabled tack backs.  However, it rarely happens and you can easily contact the partner directly to resolve the matter. In some cases, it can be their own automatic linking system which has done it and a simple e-mail could solve the problem.  The chances of it happening is about 1/100, so one lost link is nothing compared to the other 99 which are still intact.


With now over 15,000 partner sites in their network, this has become a premium product. However, it is not offered at a premium price- it is still an affordable way to do your article marketing.
The price is: $67 per month.
This includes unlimited article submission and unlimited content for as long as you are a member. Become a partner, become page ranked.
Here is a quote from the creators:

“If we don’t get a dramatic jump in your backlinks and increase in search rankings by this time next month – the money is yours. I can’t possibly accept payment for a service I haven’t delivered and I will be more than inclined to promptly and courteously refund every last penny of your money within a business day or two.”

So if you are not happy with the result in the first month, that’s no problem. Just try it out, and see if it’s for you and your niche. With some forward planning, after the first month if you decide you are happy to continue your membership, is a long term marketing strategy on your account. In 2009, the creators conducted a poll amongst their members and found their members had the following Google ranks for targeted keywords:

  • 10% held a #1 Position
  • 41% held a 1st Page Position
  • 20% held a 2nd Page Position
  • 10% held a 3rd Page Position
  • 29% held a top 40-100 Position

So in the end its up to you. Promoting your site manually isn’t easy so let the network do it for you.
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